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Build Flags

This guide will focus on build flags to enable bundlers like Rollup to tree-shake features that are not used in your project.

Most bundlers provide a define option to set build flags:

As an example, you can tree-shake the hash decoding algorithms in Vite by setting the define option in your vite.config.ts file:

// `vite.config.ts`
import { defineConfig } from 'vite'

export default defineConfig({
  define: {
    // Defaults to `true`
    __UNLAZY_HASH_DECODING__: false,
    // Defaults to `true`
    __UNLAZY_LOGGING__: false,

Disable Hash Decoding ^0.10.0

unlazy ships with the BlurHash and ThumbHash decoding algorithms to decode the hash values into images.

In case your project doesn't use these placeholders, you can disable the hash decoding algorithms to reduce the bundle size. Use the following build flags to tree-shake the hash decoding algorithms:

  • __UNLAZY_HASH_DECODING__: This flag is set to true by default.


This will only tree-shake the BlurHash and ThumbHash decoding algorithms when using the lazyLoad method.

If you use either unlazy/blurhash or unlazy/thumbhash sub-path imports directly, the decoding algorithms will still be bundled.

Disable Client Logging ^0.10.2

unlazy will help you locate missing data-src or data-srcset attributes in your project by logging a warning in the browser console. An example warning message looks like this:

[unlazy] Missing `data-src` or `data-srcset` attribute: <img>

If you want to disable these warnings, you can use the following build flag:

  • __UNLAZY_LOGGING__: This flag is set to true by default.

Released under the MIT License.